Elementary Staff


Below you will find the Elementary staff with their positions, an email link, and a link to their bio page.

Name Position Email Bio page
Mrs. Emily Bareman Elementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessional ebareman@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Whitney Beukema First Grade Teacher wbeukema@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sara Billin Elementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessional sbillin@4hcs.org Bio Page
Miss Jenna Boekeloo Third Grade Teacher jboekeloo@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Katy Bosch First Grade Teacher kbosch@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Janae Byker Kindergarten Teacher jbyker@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Kelly Caryl Third Grade Teacher kcaryl@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sue Courson Speech and Language Pathologist scourson@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Ann DeBoer Elementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessional adeboer@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Michelle DeGroot Elementary Office Staff mdegroot@4hcs.org Bio Page
Ms. Jennifer DeNooyer Fifth Grade Teacher jdenooyer@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Mary Jo DeWeerd Second Grade Teacher mjdeweerd@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sam Ekdom Second Grade Teacher sekdom@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Jack Elgersma Elementary Custodian jelgersma@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Paul Erffmeyer Fifth Grade Teacher perffmeyer@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Deb Folkema Second Grade Teacher dfolkema@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Andrea Gabrielse Kindergarten Teacher agabrielse@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Jenny Gorter Elementary Educational Support Services Director jgorter@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Kris Grimm Elementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessional kgrimm@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Betsey Hart Young 5's Paraprofessional bhart@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Shaun Havert Kindergarten Teacher shavert@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Tami Herweyer Mission Advancement therweyer@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Lindsey Heuker Finance Assistant lheuker@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Cyndy Hoogeboom Fifth Grade Teacher choogeboom@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Rhonda Hopkins Elementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessional rhopkins@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sara Jager Orchestra Director sjager@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Linda Kellar Administrative Office Staff lkellar@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Tricia Kiepert First Grade Teacher tkiepert@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Brian Knot Band Director bknot@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Justin Knot Curriculum Director jknot@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Kristen Koetje Third Grade Teacher kkoetje@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Henrietta Konynenbelt Third Grade Teacher hkonynenbelt@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Carmen Kruyf Elementary Music ckruyf@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Rachel Landstra Events Coordinator rlandstra@4hcs.org Bio Page
Ms. Holli Lanser First Grade Teacher hlanser@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sharon Leerar Elementary SOAR sleerar@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Dan Los Elementary Physical Education Teacher dlos@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Bob Meengs Fifth Grade Teacher bmeengs@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Cathy Mulder Elementary Inclusive Education Paraprofessional cmulder@4hcs.org Bio Page
Ms. Whitney Nyeholt Elementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessional wnyeholt@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Beth Osterbaan Finance Manager bosterbaan@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Emily Pettinga Elementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessional epettinga@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Dan Pott Superintendent dpott@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Lisi Remy Fourth Grade Teacher lremy@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sarah Renkema Assistant Orchestra Director Bio Page
Ms. Amber Ritsema Second Grade Teacher aritsema@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Mary Rusticus Elementary Art Teacher mrusticus@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Kara Sall Elementary Spanish ksall@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Steve Schnyders Elementary Technology and Computer Instruction sschnyd@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Kim Schreur Elementary Inclusive Education Paraprofessional kschreur@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Lindsey Seaver Kindergarten Teacher lseaver@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Kevin Sills Fourth Grade Teacher ksills@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sue Spotts Fourth Grade Teacher sspotts@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Aric Spotts Second Grade Teacher aspotts@4hcs.org Bio Page
Miss Mary Jo Staal Elementary Media Specialist mjstaal@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Tom VanderStelt Fourth Grade Teacher tvanderstelt@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Joani VanderStelt Young 5's teacher jvanderstelt@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Katie VanTil Middle School Physical Education, Nurturing Faith Coordinator kvantil@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Jill Wiechel Elementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessional jwiechel@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Linda Witte Early Childhood Office Staff lwitte@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Jolynn Ymker Young 5's Teacher jymker@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Marcy Yonker Kindergarten Teacher myonker@4hcs.org Bio Page