Elementary Staff

Below you will find the elementary staff with their positions, an email link, and a link to their bio page.

NamePositionEmailBio page
Mrs. Emily BaremanElementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessionalebareman@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Whitney BeukemaFirst Grade Teacherwbeukema@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sara BillinElementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessionalsbillin@4hcs.org Bio Page
Miss Jenna BoekelooThird Grade Teacherjboekeloo@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Katy BoschFirst Grade Teacherkbosch@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Janae BykerKindergarten Teacherjbyker@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Kelly CarylThird Grade Teacherkcaryl@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sue CoursonSpeech and Language Pathologistscourson@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Ann DeBoerElementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessionaladeboer@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Michelle DeGrootElementary Office Staffmdegroot@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Mary Jo DeWeerdSecond Grade Teachermjdeweerd@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Julie DollElementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessionaljdoll@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sam EkdomSecond Grade Teachersekdom@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Jack ElgersmaElementary Custodianjelgersma@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Paul ErffmeyerFifth Grade Teacherperffmeyer@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Deb FolkemaSecond Grade Teacherdfolkema@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Andrea GabrielseKindergarten Teacheragabrielse@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Jenny GorterElementary Educational Support Services Directorjgorter@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Kris GrimmThird Grade Teacherkgrimm@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Betsey HartElementary Inclusive Education Paraprofessionalbhart@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Shaun HavertKindergarten Teachershavert@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Brandon HelderSecond Grade Teacherbhelder@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Tami HerweyerMission Advancementtherweyer@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Lindsey HeukerFinance Assistantlheuker@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Cyndy HoogeboomThird Grade Teacherchoogeboom@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Cheryl HopInclusive Education Coordinatorchop@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Rhonda HopkinsElementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessionalrhopkins@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sara JagerOrchestra Directorsjager@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Linda KellarAdministrative Office Stafflkellar@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Tricia KiepertFirst Grade Teachertkiepert@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Lester KnotAssistant Band Director Bio Page
Mr. Brian KnotBand Directorbknot@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Kristen KoetjeThird Grade Teacherkkoetje@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Christina KorteringFifth Grade Teacherckortering@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Carmen KruyfElementary Musicckruyf@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Rachel LandstraEvents Coordinatorrlandstra@4hcs.org Bio Page
Ms. Holli LanserFirst Grade Teacherhlanser@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sharon LeerarElementary SOARsleerar@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Dan LosElementary Physical Education Teacherdlos@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Bob MeengsFifth Grade Teacherbmeengs@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Cathy MulderElementary Inclusive Education Paraprofessionalcmulder@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Lizz NeherSpanish Teacherlneher@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Beth OsterbaanFinance Managerbosterbaan@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Emily PettingaElementary Educational Support Services Paraprofessionalepettinga@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Dan PottSuperintendentdpott@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Lisi RemyFourth Grade Teacherlremy@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sarah RenkemaAssistant Orchestra Director Bio Page
Mrs. Mary RusticusElementary Art Teachermrusticus@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Kara SallElementary Spanishksall@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Steve SchnydersElementary Technology and Computer Instructionsschnyd@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Kim SchreurElementary Inclusive Education Paraprofessionalkschreur@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Lindsey SeaverKindergarten Teacherlseaver@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Kevin SillsFourth Grade Teacherksills@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Sue SpottsDirector of Curriculum and Instructionsspotts@4hcs.org Bio Page
Miss Mary Jo StaalElementary Media Specialistmjstaal@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Deb ToeringFourth Grade Teacherdtoering@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mr. Tom VanderSteltFourth Grade Teachertvanderstelt@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Joani VanderSteltPre-Kindergarten/Young 5's teacherjvanderstelt@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Katie VanTilMiddle School Physical Education, Nurturing Faith Coordinatorkvantil@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Linda WitteEarly Childhood Office Stafflwitte@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Jolynn YmkerPre-Kindergarten/Young 5's Teacherjymker@4hcs.org Bio Page
Mrs. Marcy YonkerKindergartenmyonker@4hcs.org Bio Page