About Us

About Us

Hudsonville Christian School offers academic excellence, taught from a Christian perspective, within a safe and inspiring environment that allows students to explore their God-given gifts. Our challenging curriculum nurtures the whole child – in mind, body and spirit and accommodates students with a range of learning styles and abilities.

Integrating Faith and Learning
Integrating the Christian faith within an outstanding curriculum has been a hallmark of Hudsonville Christian School for over 90 years. Our students find God evident in all aspects of their school experience, from academics to athletics and extracurricular activities. Using faith-nurturing practices, students are continually presented with the wonder of God’s creation and inspired to use their God-given talents to live for Him.

Providing Academic Excellence
Outstanding academics, presented in a Christ-centered environment, make Hudsonville Christian School a wonderful place to grow and expand young minds. Our comprehensive liberal arts curriculum has been carefully created to nurture within each student a love for learning and a love for the Lord. Students at all grade levels study Bible, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, computer, music and physical education. Our intent is to create well-rounded students who share their unique talents and ideas to glorify our Creator.

Nurturing the Whole Being
We believe that each child is an intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual being, made in the image of God. Because educating each facet of a child is important to us, specialized instructors teach music, art, library use, Spanish, and physical education. All middle school students explore new areas of interest by participating in Sensational Science Day, World Culture Day, Awesome Arts Day, Exploratory Week, interdisciplinary units, musical ensembles, a bi-annual fine arts festival, math and spelling competitions, literary publications, and service projects. They may also take advantage of our extracurricular enrichment or athletic offerings, which challenge students to develop their God-given talents to the best of their ability.

Recognizing Each Child as Unique
Realizing that all God’s children are endowed with different strengths and challenges, Hudsonville Christian School offers a curriculum that accommodates the entire spectrum of learning abilities. While more advanced students may need extra challenges to stay engaged, other students may benefit from the additional help of special services. Special learning needs are met through an inclusive program providing a continuum of services administered in partnership with the Christian Learning Center.  

Hudsonville Christian School welcomes students and families from all religious affiliations and ethnic backgrounds. We celebrate the unique qualities in each of our students.

Maintaining a Safe Learning Environment
The best learning environment is one in which students feel safe, both physically and emotionally. Hudsonville Christian School is dedicated to maintaining an environment in which students not only feel physically safe, but also feel a sense of belonging among their peers and freedom to express their opinions and beliefs.

Building on a Foundation of Faith
Christian education is a concerted effort between the home, church and school. At Hudsonville Christian, we see ourselves as devoted partners in your child’s Christian education, building upon the knowledge and modeling the same Christian values they learn at church and home. Together, we are challenging them to discover their place in God’s Kingdom and to live for Christ.

HCS Mission Statement and Core Values

"Challenging Minds and Lives for Christ"

Hudsonville Christian School...

  • pursues academic excellence and achieves state standards.
  • establishes and upholds a biblically based curriculum.
  • teaches from a Reformed, Christian perspective, intentionally integrating faith and learning.
  • welcomes God's children of varying abilities and backgrounds, celebrating their uniqueness.
  • challenges each student to develop his/her God-given gifts to the best of his/her ability.
  • nurtures the whole child as an intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual being who bears the image of God.
  • provides a safe and caring community in which to learn.
  • partners with parents and churches to encourage students in their faith and learning.
  • equips God’s children to serve Christ in our global and diverse society.
  • assists students in discovering their place in God’s Kingdom so they can be a witness to the world.