Vision to Learn


The last few weeks I have been sharing with you comments made by the Accreditation Site Team as they visited our school the last week in 

April.  This week, I…Read More >

Accreditation Site Visit


Last week I shared with you a bit about our Accreditation Site Visit during the last week of April.  This week I would like to highlight for you a 

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School Improvement Report


Two weeks ago, Hudsonville Christian School was visited by a team of seven teachers, administrators, and college professors from across Michigan and beyond. Their objective was to review the School Improvement Report…Read More >



Hudsonville Christian School is blessed!  I know that you have heard this before but it bears repeating and is reason for celebration.  There are 

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Standing Firm…Moving Forward


Our commitment to making Hudsonville Christian School a strong, vibrant, safe and faith-nurturing school remains constant. We are continually looking for ways that we can improve our school to make it an…Read More >

Good Friday-Our Best Day Ever!


On Good Friday we had a special privilege of worshiping together in chapel. More than 800 students, Pre-K through 8th Read More >

Being Blessed


Dear Hudsonville Christian School Community: 

As many of you may know, my father passed away just a couple of weeks ago on…Read More >

Live Loved


I have heard this expression before and never really gave it deep thought. Then a couple of weeks ago during a middle school chapel, we watched a video clip of Mick Donehey…Read More >

Celebrating the Diversity of God’s Creation


Hudsonville Christian School provides and values varied learning experiences for their students. This is a hallmark of our school and something to be celebrated. One example of this is the World Culture…Read More >

Standing Firm…Moving Forward


Dear Parents: