God’s Creation-What a Gift and What a Responsibility


Earth Day 2015 is tomorrow – Wednesday, April 22. During this week many people focus on Earth Day in a variety of ways. For Christians it is a good time to praise and thank God for His creation. It…Read More >

Building His Kingdom


Back on September 9, 2014, Mary Broene spent some time in the Home Communicator introducing to you our school theme “Kingdom Builders”. I certainly hope that was not the last time you have heard of our theme. Many of…Read More >

Holy is the Week


Holy Week - this is an incredibly special week for us as Christians. This is the week that we follow Jesus’ path from entering Jerusalem, to the upper room, to the garden, to the cross, and to the grave.…Read More >



Change – a six-letter word that brings thoughts of excitement and energy to some and strikes fear in the hearts of others. Each one of us is uniquely made. During the spring months, my attention begins to shift toward…Read More >

Praising God for the Month of March


The month of March is moving rapidly; it is hard to believe we are at the midpoint. Spring arrives Friday. The gift of sunshine and warmer temperatures has been appreciated. Seeing piles of melting snow being replaced by green…Read More >

Building for the Future


Two weeks ago, I talked about the future of Hudsonville Christian. I highlighted a few of our goals, especially as they related to facilities and the possibility of purchasing part of the Unity campus to help us with our…Read More >

Taking and Making the Time to Appreciate


Life can get so busy, can’t it? Recently I overheard someone use the expression - “You need to stop and smell the roses.” First it made me think about springtime for which I am longing - I have had…Read More >

Standing Firm, Moving Forward


Standing Firm, Moving Forward is a phrase we often use around school. I believe it is a very simple yet powerful message to live by. I have talked about Standing Firm many times to the HCS Community – Standing…Read More >

Being Truly and Deeply Grateful


I frequently use the word grateful. I hear others use it often as well. During this Lenten season, grateful seems to be an excellent word on which to reflect. What does it mean to be grateful? Does this word…Read More >



It’s hard to believe, but we are only a couple weeks away from Parent / Teacher conferences once again. The world of communications has certainly changed over the years but sometimes nothing can replace just having a face-to-face conversation,…Read More >

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