This sounds cliché́ but I cannot believe the current school year is coming to an end already. It has been a tremendous school year. As I reflect on the year, it strikes me that each one of us has…Read More >



Last week was one of those weeks. You all can relate, I am sure. We have all had them. Too many events and not enough time. At the end of the week, however, I took a look back and…Read More >



Last week Friday, the middle school had the privilege of joining the Unity Christian High School student body along with other guests to hear Kirk Cousins speak at morning chapel. Mr. Cousins was a standout football player in high…Read More >

Encourage One Another


I have been privileged to share with you some Kingdom Building examples that have occurred at HCS recently. Here is an example from our fourth grade students:

In our fourth grade class discussions about Kingdom Building this year,…Read More >

Kingdom Builders


Last week, Mr. Pott wrote about the ways that first graders have been living out the theme of being Kingdom Builders.  In this week’s Home Communicator I will continue to highlight a few examples of concrete ways that middle…Read More >

1st Grade Kingdom Building


Kingdom Building is the school theme for this year. Many of the chapels at both the elementary and middle school buildings have focused on building His Kingdom and what that means for us. Beyond chapel, however, this is a…Read More >

God’s Creation-What a Gift and What a Responsibility


Earth Day 2015 is tomorrow – Wednesday, April 22. During this week many people focus on Earth Day in a variety of ways. For Christians it is a good time to praise and thank God for His creation. It…Read More >

Building His Kingdom


Back on September 9, 2014, Mary Broene spent some time in the Home Communicator introducing to you our school theme “Kingdom Builders”. I certainly hope that was not the last time you have heard of our theme. Many of…Read More >

Holy is the Week


Holy Week - this is an incredibly special week for us as Christians. This is the week that we follow Jesus’ path from entering Jerusalem, to the upper room, to the garden, to the cross, and to the grave.…Read More >



Change – a six-letter word that brings thoughts of excitement and energy to some and strikes fear in the hearts of others. Each one of us is uniquely made. During the spring months, my attention begins to shift toward…Read More >

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