Celebrating the Diversity of God’s Creation


Hudsonville Christian School provides and values varied learning experiences for their students. This is a hallmark of our school and something to be celebrated. One example of this is the World Culture…Read More >

Standing Firm…Moving Forward


Dear Parents:

In an effort to keep you informed on two different initiatives at HCS,…Read More >



The season of Lent began last week Wednesday, March 5, with Ash Wednesday.  It lasts from the end of Epiphany to Holy Week.  Lent is a time when Christians reflect on Jesus forty days in the wilderness fasting and…Read More >

Spring is Coming!


As we turn the page on the calendar, we see it’s March! It hardly looks or feels like spring, but as the sign in front of scRead More >

Partners in Education


It is a blessing for me to come to school every day. I appreciate the joy of working with wonderful young people who are full of energy and enthusiasm. I’m honored to work with colleagues who look at teaching…Read More >

FInding Joy in our Journey


"Finding Joy in our Journey", what a great thought provoking phrase. I will be honest, I was inspired by someone who came in my office awhile back just to talk.  As the visitor left, they gave me a card…Read More >

Amazing Love


Principal’s Note: Amazing Love!

The fact that the word ‘love’ is in the title of my opening article is not surprising since Valentine’s Day is on Friday. I have already enjoyed my fair share of the…Read More >

Christian School Community


“The Christian School is a community in the biblical sense.  Covenant, not contract, builds community in the Christian School.  Community will 

not arise if people are simply trading…Read More >

Power of the Word



Principal’s Note: The Power of the Word

This year’s school theme is “The…Read More >

PKP Night


With much anticipation, I look forward to our third PKP (Preschool – Kindergarten – Pre-Kindergarten) Night on Thursday.  This is a night that we dedicate to talking about our 3 School — Kindergarten programs with parents.  If you have…Read More >

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