Integrating the Christian Perspective

05/31/11 in

This continues to be an exciting spring! I am encouraged by the number of parents stopping in the office and wanting to talk about a Christian education.

Many of you have commented on the radio spots on WJQ and noted that you enjoy hearing a few of the stories. I do agree the testimonials you hear are exciting; but, really, these stories are merely a snapshot of what goes on in our classrooms each day.

Last week, I attended a graduation ceremony where the speaker was telling a story about a young boy he had helped repeatedly with his math. When the year ended, the parent of the young boy shared that her son felt the teacher didn’t like him. The teacher was devastated because he felt he had given so much time to helping the boy and his academics. The speaker went on to say that what his student wanted was not just help with the academics, but he wanted the teacher to be invested in all aspects of his life as a child of God.

The stories we’ve shared on the radio are merely an attempt at letting you know how we try to integrate the Christian perspective in all areas of life. We talk a lot about partnering with parents and we want you to know we take that very seriously. We also want you to know that we realize parents are not with their children 24/7 and, by God’s power and grace, we do our best to meet their needs and answer their important questions from a Christian and a biblical perspective.

We are excited to talk more with you about this next fall at our orientation nights. In the meantime, if you have questions, please call us. We would love to talk!

Serving Christ together,

Dan Pott Administrative Principal