May 23 Home Communicator – Your Heart…the Home for Christ

Over the last month, I have been digging into John 14-16, which contains Jesus’ last words and instructions to His disciples. This also happens to be the passage that our theme verse for the year comes from. If you knew that you were going to die, wouldn’t you say the most important things to your friends and family? This is what Jesus did in this part of scripture. A large part of what Jesus talked to the disciples about was that He was going to soon be leaving them. But he said that it would be better for Him to go away because He would send a Helper/Advocate to us, and that He would come to live in us.

The Lord brought to mind a book that ties in so nicely with what I’ve been studying in John. I was first introduced to a very small little booklet called “My Heart – Christ’s Home” (by Robert Boyd Munger) last spring. It talks about making our heart Christ’s home, and goes through all of the rooms in a house and how we need to let Christ into every space.

A couple of weeks ago I was prompted to buy a bunch of these books, and figured I would hand them out to people when the Spirit gave me a nudge. My nudge came on a bit larger scale this week, and I now know that I bought them to offer to you! This little 28-page booklet would be such a great thing for you to read with your families at home over the summer. Let’s continue to tell His story to our children over the summer months. There is nothing more important than inviting Jesus to enter into every room in our hearts, and I’m certain that this book will bring about some great discussion in your families. May Jesus settle in your heart and in the hearts of your families…it’s all that truly matters. These little 28 page booklets are available in my office at the elementary building if you would like to have one for your family.

It has been a privilege to serve The One with you this year…

Tami Herweyer, Mission Advancement