Enrollment begins 

January 25, 2018 at our Early Childhood Exploration Night


Please contact  Dan Pott, Superintendent at dpott@4hcs.org

What does a day in Nature-Based 4 School look like?

Lesson and Activity Sequence:

Outdoor play

Group Meeting, Devotions and Bible story

Excursion to “Beyond” in God’s world


Choice Time

Small Groups

Group Meeting and Closing

Three defining characteristics of Nature-Based Preschool at Hudsonville Christian School

  • Nature-Based 4 School uses nature themes and daily nature exploration to drive the program.  This ties together philosophy, methods, classroom design, outdoor spaces and curriculum.
  • Nature-Based 4 School is committed to high standards of developmentally appropriate early childhood education, using the Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality and best practices in Environmental Education.
  • Nature-Based 4 School  supports dual aims for children to meet child development goals, both academic and social as well as spiritual development goals by experiencing God in His natural world.

Curriculum and Standards

Hudsonville Christian Nature-Based 4 School will follow Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality.

Curriculum components will also include “Creative Curriculum”, “Growing up Wild” and other resources for academic skills.  “Conscious Discipline” will be used for social skills.  Curriculum is planned in cooperation with Naturalist Janet Staal who has been involved with Christian education for many years, as well as Blandford Nature Center.

Our school logo contains the phrase, “Challenging Minds and Lives for Christ”.  Hudsonville Christian’s Nature-Based 4 School will integrate a Christian perspective by not only challenging minds through math, literacy, science and social activities, but also in challenging lives through worship, devotions and faith community every day.  Integrating God’s love for us and God’s love for His creation makes faith more tangible for children.

Schedule Options

Hudsonville Christian Nature-Based 4 School  is offering several scheduling options for students who will be 4 years old by September 1..  A child may attend from 2 half days (minimum) up to 5 half days per week, Monday – Friday.  Once parents choose the schedule, the child attends  those set days. Choose the morning session (8:15 – 11:00 am) or the afternoon session (12:00 – 2:30 pm).


(pending Board approval)

2 days     $ 915.00

3 days     $ 1,372.00

4 days     $ 1,830.00

5 days     $ 2,287.00

Items to be provided by parents                         

  1. Waterproof rain boots
  2. Crocs – to be used indoors
  3. Oakiwear Suit – several options available for warm and cold weather.

Outdoor Classroom Under Construction