Christian Schools International (CSI) is a full member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation. The purpose of accreditation is to:

  • ascertain how well the school is meeting its Christian education mission.
  • outline continuous improvement methods.
  • assure current parents of the school’s high quality Christian education.
  • inform prospective parents of the school’s high quality Christian education.
  • confirm that the school meets state requirements.
  • validate for donors the school’s high quality educational program.

We are a member of Eastern Ottawa Christian Schools (EOCS), a consortium of Unity Christian High School and its four other source schools: Allendale Christian, Borculo Christian, Jenison Christian, and Lamont Christian.

As a member of The Christian Learning Center Network, our schools receive support in meeting the individual special needs and challenges of all of our students, allowing us to be an inclusive learning community.

We are also a member organization of the Barnabas Foundation, which provides stewardship guidance and services to members of the HCS community.

Accreditation Site Visit Results

Hudsonville Christian School was visited by a team of seven teachers, administrators, and college professors from across Michigan and beyond. Their objective was to review the School Improvement Report and, through a two and a half day visit, report back to our school improvement team and school board with their observations and findings as part of the re-accreditation process.

The report is broken down into four areas, or strands as they refer to them. Three of these areas are, Leading With Purpose, Lead and Teach for Learning, and Learn in Community.  Please see the links below for the comments made by the Accreditation Site Team.

Leading With Purpose

Lead and Teach for Learning

Learn in Community


HCS partners with the Barnabas Foundation, and organization that provides guidance and assistance to Christians of all ages and generations to help them grow in their understanding of biblical stewardship and experience the joy of living a generous life. and can we add the All Belong logo (formerly Christian learning center) .  We are also a member of the Hudsonville Area Chamber of Commerce.