At Hudsonville Christian, faith and learning are inseparable. Because our whole world belongs to God, we believe a Christian school must offer more than Bible classes, chapels, and prayer throughout the day—not to minimize these important foundational practices in our school – but there is more to Christian education.

Faith and Biblical values are integrated into each unit of study in all the subjects. Our goal is to help students grow in their faith by providing opportunities for them to experience God and see His hand in creation and in their lives. What we teach reinforces what students learn at home and at church.

Students learn that worship involves not only chapel, but also developing the gifts God has given them and serving others. They also learn through living examples—teachers who model Christ to the students on a daily basis. Hudsonville Christian employs teachers who are passionate about their personal faith and about nurturing students’ faith through daily interpersonal interactions in their classrooms.

God has a plan for every child. Hudsonville Christian is a place where we seek to help each child discover pieces of that plan by cultivating their gifts, challenging their strengths, and supporting them in their weaknesses, all while pointing them to God’s ultimate plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Extracurriculars and “Specials”

Because the educational philosophy of HCS is to educate the whole child as a social, emotional, physical and spiritual being, “specials” classes and extracurricular activities are an integral part of each student’s experience. This includes art, music, physical education, technology instruction, Spanish, band and orchestra that are part of the school-day curriculum as well as a variety of after-school opportunities, from interscholastic athletics to Math Pentathlon. The goal for students participating in extracurricular activities is to bring glory to God by performing to the best of their abilities. Parental involvement is a vital component of our partnership with parents. Hudsonville Christian School thrives because parents are actively involved in what we do every day, not only as members of the School Board, but also through serving as classroom aides, organizing fundraisers, chaperoning field trips and service projects, and giving of their time and talents in many ways. Students see parents actively participating in the life of the school and understand that HCS is important to them. Working side by side, parents and staff partner to make sure that Hudsonville Christian School continues to challenge minds and lives for Christ.

Academic Excellence

We believe that striving for excellence is one way we worship God; therefore, academic excellence is one of our core values. Hudsonville Christian School (HCS) continually reviews our curriculum to be certain that our students are learning not only the essential information to succeed in a global society, but that they are also learning how to critically think about and use the information they have been taught. Our teachers are committed to finding the best practices in education and implementing them in their classrooms. We also use standardized testing such as the MAP test (Measures of Academic Progress) to determine each child’s instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year and from year to year in the areas of math, reading and language arts. These tests also help us align with state standards and benchmarks.

We understand that children have unique strengths and challenges and offer differentiated instruction to meet their individual needs. Hudsonville Christian School offers a curriculum that accommodates the entire spectrum of learning abilities. Students can take advantage of a full range of learning opportunities, from academic support to options for accelerated learners. While more advanced students may need extra challenges to stay engaged, other students may benefit from the additional help of special services. Our goal is to challenge all students to develop their God-given gifts to the best of their ability.



Our experienced, certified teachers have been chosen on the basis of a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as well as their unique teaching skills and passion for Christian education. They are committed to learning and implementing the best teaching practices in their classrooms so that every child has the opportunity to succeed. More importantly, they consider it a privilege and a responsibility to model Jesus Christ as they seek to encourage students to grow in their own personal faith in Him.


Our partnership also involves working with parents to make Christian education possible financially. We acknowledge the commitment parents make to provide a Christian education for their children. In response, we commit to working with parents to sustain that commitment from preschool through 8th grade. As a Christian community, we work together with churches, parents, and others to provide the financial aid necessary to honor this commitment to every parent who partners with us to provide a Christian education for their children.