Dear Parents,

On behalf of the staff and the Hudsonville Christian School (HCS) Community, I want to welcome you!  We are glad you have made the decision to partner with us in the important task of equipping your child with a Christian education!

Hudsonville Christian School has impacted my life and my walk with Christ.  As a former student of HCS, I join generations of people who have testified the same impact since 1917.   Christian education could be considered a sacrifice, but I view it more as the ultimate investment into the hearts and minds of our children.  With dedication, commitment, prayer, and help from the Holy Spirit, I have heard many testimonies about the eternal impact that Christian Education has.  That impact is priceless.   

It is my honor to be called to fill the role of Superintendent at Hudsonville Christian School.  There is a rich history of administrators and staff that I follow and humbly accept the opportunity to continue to do His work at HCS.  I give thanks that God has rerouted me professionally to this great school and I look forward to prayerfully serving under His terms and His perfect will.  With God’s guidance, I look forward to both the opportunity of creating a sense of community among our students, staff, and parents, as well as continuing to provide the quality Christian education program that has been established at HCS.

We are often asked what is distinctively different about a Christian education … is it the teachers, the prayer in the classrooms or the Bible curriculum we teach?  The answer to all of these questions is yes, but it entails more than that. The difference in Christian education is that we proclaim and integrate His word, our faith, in all aspects of your child’s education.  Integration of faith is something parents should see in all areas of education and yes because we are sinners it must be seen in the discipline as well. We challenge teachers and students alike to make a difference for Him and this lifelong training is something that can only be done in partnership with parents. 

Christian Education is an investment.  It is a lifelong commitment and process, and we consider it an honor and privilege to assist you in that commitment. It is our goal as a community of students, staff, and parents to be engaged in education that challenges minds and lives for Christ.  This can be accomplished through diligent efforts and our recognition as a community of believers that Jesus Christ is our Lord. 

We ask for your continued prayers as we partner together in educating His children in Christian Education.

Together serving Him,

Devon K. Brinks, HCS Superintendent