With parents’ busy schedules, offering reliable student transportation, to and from school, is essential to supporting parents in their commitment to provide their child(ren) with a quality Christian education. Hudsonville Christian School has a cooperative arrangement with Hudsonville Public Schools for bus transportation to and from our school locations. Any HCS student living in the Hudsonville Public School district is eligible for busing and will be assigned a bus stop on the established route.

Focus on Safety
Parents, students and staff share responsibility for the safety of students as they travel to and from school.


  • getting students to the bus stop
  • picking students up from the bus stop, as necessary
  • driving students, who miss the bus, to school


  • arriving at the bus stop on time
  • obeying bus rules
  • treating property around the bus stop with respect


  • Drivers comply with Michigan busing safety policy and notify parents in the event of inappropriate behavior.

Questions? Please call Dan Pott at 616-669-6689 if you have any questions.