Understanding by Design
Hudsonville Christian uses the method of Understanding by Design for curriculum development. This method, developed by nationally recognized educators Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, is based on the following key ideas:

  • Development and deepening of student understanding should be a primary goal of education.
  • True understanding of a concept is realized when a student can: explain, interpret, apply, shift perspective, empathize, and self-assess.
  • Classroom learning activities must be determined by clear goals and assessments.
  • Regular reviews are followed by targeted adjustments to curriculum and instruction.
  • Teachers “work smarter” through the collaborative design, sharing, and peer review of units of study.

An important aspect of Understanding by Design is the flexibility to frame learning within a Christian perspective. It also allows teachers to work collaboratively and share their ideas and best practices to put together the most effective units of study for Hudsonville Christian students.

Standards and Benchmarks
Hudsonville Christian desires to meet the goals of the Michigan State Board of Education for preparing students to be career and college ready.

Our curriculum is revised on an ongoing basis to remain consistent with the changing needs of our nation, state and local communities.  We are currently working to align with the Common Core State Standards.  To aide parents in their understanding of the Common Core we suggest the following sites: