Hudsonville Christian integrates faith and biblical values into each unit of study. We have a common understanding as Christian professionals that our whole world belongs to God. Therefore, teachers at Hudsonville Christian develop curricula that connects faith and knowledge.


Hudsonville Christian employs master teachers who are passionate about their faith and nurturing children through interpersonal interactions in their classrooms.  As a Christian community, they experience the joys and sorrows of daily Christian life.

Spiritual Portfolios

Every student at Hudsonville Christian has a Faith Journey Portfolio.  Each year students write a personal faith statement on a topic that varies from year to year. These statements are evidence of our students’ spiritual journey and growth as they progress through HCS.   These reflections are written each year and remain in a permanent portfolio until the students complete their education at Hudsonville Christian.  They are presented to parents upon graduation—a keepsake of their child’s faith journey from kindergarten through eighth grade.  See grade level descriptions for the yearly reflections.

Capstone Event: Markers along the Journey of Faith

One of our goals as a school is for each grade level, K – 8, to develop a unique project or event for students to grow in their understanding of Jesus Christ.  An important element of this capstone event is to build a community of Christ in our classrooms.  See grade level descriptions for the yearly capstone events.

HCS Mission Statement and Core Values

“Challenging Minds and

Lives for Christ”

Hudsonville Christian School…

  • pursues academic excellence and achieves state standards.
  • establishes and upholds a biblically based curriculum.
  • teaches from a Reformed, Christian perspective, intentionally integrating faith and learning.
  • welcomes God’s children of varying abilities and backgrounds, celebrating their uniqueness.
  • challenges each student to develop his/her God-given gifts to the best of his/her ability.
  • nurtures the whole child as an intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual being who bears the image of God.
  • provides a safe and caring community in which to learn.
  • partners with parents and churches to encourage students in their faith and learning.
  • equips God’s children to serve Christ in our global and diverse society.
  • assists students in discovering their place in God’s Kingdom so they can be a witness to the world.