April 9 Home Communicator – STEM Week was a BIG success!

The week before Spring Break, students in grades K-5 had a chance to try out a new engineering challenge every day. Each teacher led unique activities for multi-age groups. Examples of the challenges included: Waterslides, Ozobots, Bridge building, Egg Drop, Storm resistant structures, and many more.

The learning targets for this week focused both on academic and social concepts. Kids started by setting up working agreements, proceeded to use the design process, and continued to try multiple times on their projects, all while learning what engineers do in their professions. Mr. Phil Leerar, husband of Mrs. Sharon Leerar, kicked off our week sharing from the perspective of a real engineer.

Mrs. Leerar summarized the week wonderfully when she said, “It was a great way for students to learn more about the learner God made them to be: strengths and challenges. The community building between grades was wonderful to see in action.”

I want to thank all of the people that put so much time, and effort into planning and making this week a success: Sharon Leerar, Steve Schnyders, Cindy Palmbos, Sue Spotts, Aric Spotts, Jenna Schramm, Deb Folkema, and Mary Jo DeWeerd.  Also thanks to all of the teachers for the extra time spent in preparing and carrying out all of these learning opportunities with the students. Ultimately, we are reminded and humbled by the gifts God has given us all when we are able to uncover and learn more about Him through the learning that is taking place here at Hudsonville Christian School.

In Christ,

Justin Knot, Curriculum Director