December 11 Home Communicator – Christmas, through the eyes of a child, is full of wonder and excitement. This Christmas season is the first where everything that is happening around us is really starting to sink in with my oldest child.  The pure joy and excitement that is exuded when lights get turned on for the first time. Going to pick out a Christmas tree with the whole family.  Hanging stockings above the fireplace for them to be filled.  Reading the Christmas story and playing with the nativity. Trying to figure out what an angel is, and many more experiences are happening this time of year.  With all of these experiences comes a lot of questions. Most of them in the form of “Why?” While most of the questions are not in correct grammatical form, it does cause my wife and I to really think about “Why” we are doing all of these things.  It brings back memories of the first Christmas that we can remember and how our parents instilled these stories and traditions in us.

During Jesus’ time on earth He spent a lot of time with children, at times using kids to teach His followers to have childlike faith.  In the craziness that is life, we can get sucked into the many tasks we need to accomplish and check off our lists.  Some of you reading this note may have experienced 70 wonderful Christmas seasons, others 30-40, but I wonder what might be different if we celebrate the coming of our Messiah like it is our first Christmas all over again?

In Christ,

Justin Knot, Director of Curriculum and Instruction