December 4 Home Communicator – PRINCIPAL’S NOTE: “In Search of Our Kneeling Places”

The word Advent derives from the Latin word adventusmeaning ‘coming’. Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent – a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the nativity of Jesus. What follows are a few excerpts from Ann Weems’ poem Kneeling in Bethlehem.

In each heart lies a Bethlehem,

an inn where we must ultimately answer

whether there is room or not.

When we are Bethlehem-bound

we experience our own advent in His.

This Advent, let’s go to Bethlehem

and see this thing that the Lord has

made known to us.

In the midst of shopping sprees

let’s ponder in our hearts the Gift of Gifts.

In the excitement and confusion, in the merry chaos,

let’s listen for the brush of angels’ wings.

This Advent, let’s go to Bethlehem

and find our kneeling places.

Weems, Ann. Kneeling in Bethlehem. Philadelphia: Westminster John Knox Press, 1987. Print.

These days before Christmas can become filled with the busyness that the Christmas season brings. During this time of advent, my prayer is that we all make time to be still – preparing our hearts to accept the gift of new life offered to us through Jesus Christ. For some this year – because of events in their lives –  ‘being still’ will be a struggle. Cling to the Advent promise – it is okay to be still and wait in the dark – the epiphany with come. In doing so, we will experience the joy of Christmas as we celebrate the birth of the King of kings, the Gift of gifts. This Advent, let’s each one of us  ‘go to Bethlehem’ and find our kneeling place.

Serving together in Him,

Mary Broene, Middle School Principal