Christian education has played a very large role in my life over the years. I attended Holland Christian Schools from kindergarten through 12thgrade and then graduated from Calvin College with a degree in elementary education. Since then, I have had the amazing opportunity to spend my days teaching God’s children in three different Christian schools. Now, as elementary principal, I spend my time building relationships with our families, supporting staff members and helping them grow, and encouraging students to know how much God loves them and to help them discover who God created them to be. It is such a privilege for me to be able to use my passion for kids, learning, and Christian education at HCS!

Our goal at the elementary building is to help all of our students love Jesus, love each other, and love learning. Our teachers work hard to create engaging ways for kids to explore God’s world and grow in their relationship with Him. If you take a walk down our hallways or peek into the classrooms, you’ll see students who are learning new things and working together, creating lasting friendships with their classmates and building strong relationships with their teachers. Our weekly chapels are led by students and teachers and are a great opportunity for kids to share what they’ve learned about God and worship together with the rest of the student body. The elementary building is a caring and nurturing environment for children and adults alike!

Students grow so much in their elementary years—physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. It is an absolute joy to watch these kids develop their God-given gifts and talents and find ways to serve Him and others in their daily lives.

If you haven’t been to Hudsonville Christian, I invite you to come take a look and see what makes our school a wonderful place to learn and grow!

In Christ,

Tricia Kiepert
Elementary Principal