Computer Resources

Hudsonville Christian Elementary School is fortunate to have a state-of-the-art, wired computer lab containing 27 Apple iMacs with 20” screens, a cart of 30 iPad Minis, multiple carts of Chromebooks, internet access, and most of the widely used software applications. Students from all grades use technology.   Students in grades Young 5s-5th grade meet monthly for technology class. Technology is integrated into the curriculum of all classes with students either coming to the lab, or having a cart of mobile devices coming to the classroom.

Computer Education
In today’s technologically advancing world, an understanding of how computers can be used to facilitate learning in our everyday lives, our homes, schools and businesses is essential for both the teacher and the student. At Hudsonville Christian Elementary, computers are used as a tool to facilitate learning in the regular classroom and for enrichment and academic support. Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to use computers and the related technologies necessary to function in today’s world and to fulfill the place God has for them in His Kingdom.


Computer Curriculum Objectives

  • Basic understanding of computer operation and care.
  • Proper use from a Christian perspective.
  • Proper keyboarding skills.
  • Understanding of the role of computers in our lives and in society.
  • Introduction to software applications.