February 20 Home Communicator – This week is a special week at HCS because it is Parent/Teacher Conference week. As a teacher, I always enjoyed conferences because it gave me a chance to have honest conversations with my student’s parents about what I saw through my eyes as their teacher. When I became a parent, I also enjoyed the opportunity to come to conferences because it gave me a chance to hear about my children in a very different setting than what I saw at home.

One of the comments I always make to our teachers before conferences is to speak the truth in love. I hope you as parents feel the same way.

We are truly blessed to have an amazing staff at HCS who really love your children – sometimes I think as much as you do! As you come to conferences this week, please remember that and also remember what a blessing it is to be able to partner together in the academic, social, emotional and, most importantly, spiritual development of our children. We often hear the comment “it takes a village” to raise our children. It is a blessing that we have a community – or village – of parents and teachers who truly do love our children.

It is my prayer that He will continue to bless Hudsonville Christian School and the entire community.

Dan Pott, Superintendent