February 26 Home Communicator – Last night leading prayer at dinner, one of my first graders spent half of his prayer praying for one of his first grade friends.  His petitions on her behalf had clearly been shared and prayed for in the classroom and had worked their way into his heart and to our dinner table. As his little voice petitioned God on her behalf and thanked Him for the miracles that He is working in her life, I thanked God for the strong community that is being built in my child’s classroom, a community where each person knows that part of running the race is running alongside others; helping, encouraging, and praying for each other.

If you received your mail this past week, you also caught a glimpse of the community we have here at HCS and are joining me in praising God for the help, encouragement, and prayer that is a part of the fabric of our school.  The most recent Finishing Well postcard you received in the mail this past week gave evidence of what a community can do, as in just 4 short months we have come together to give $448,000 toward the $700,000 needed for a project set to begin this spring.  The HCS Auction this week Saturday is also an amazing annual testimony of a community coming together not only for food, fellowship, and fun, but in support of what God is doing at Hudsonville Christian School.

I praise God for the many ways I see Him at work in and throughout our community, a community where believers help when there is a need, encourage each other in the common mission, and pray for each other around the dinner table.

Running the race with you,

Rachel Landstra, Mission Advancement