February 5 Home Communicator – Relationship Status

It’s February! A month that is often filled with talk of Valentines, candy, flowers, love, and relationships – all of which can be great things. As I was looking at the selection of Valentine’s Day cards at the store, I was struck by the enormous number of card selections! Obviously, this relationship thing is important!

Relationships are a part of our lives. Relationships are not easy; they take a lot of work. It is a good and necessary thing to reflect on our relationships with members of our family, colleagues with whom we work, friends with whom we spend time.

And while these relationships are important and take up a large share of our lives, we need be sure to not neglect our relationship status with God. There are no special Valentine’s Day card for us to give to Him, He has given a whole Book of ‘valentine cards’ to us. What a wonderful Father God we have! His unconditional love is freely given due to His desire to live in relationship with us. So, this month, please join me in reflecting on your relationship status with Him – the One who loved us so much He gave His life for each one of us.


Oh, how he loves you and me

Oh, how he loves you and me

Oh, he gave his life

What more could he give

Oh, how he loves you

Oh, how he loves me

Oh, how he loves you and me

You and me

Serving a great and loving God,

Mary Broene, Middle School Principal

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Kurt Kaiser
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