February 6 Home Communicator – The Way of Love

This is the first week of February. There is a wide range of things that people focus on during this month. There is Groundhog Day when some people hope the groundhog sees his shadow, while others hope he doesn’t. (Personally, I think it is rather rude waking up a hibernating groundhog for this!) Then there is Valentine’s Day and all the various traditions and expectations connected with it. Definitely the focus of this day is love. Also in the month of February, Christians look forward to Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. During this time of spiritual renewal and reflection in preparation for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection, love is also the focus. But this love is that of our Heavenly Father.

As Christians, how amazingly blessed we are that LOVE is the central theme in our lives not just for a day or week but always. In his book ‘A Love Worth Giving’, Max Lucado writes about living in the overflow of God’s love. He reminds us that God loves us personally, powerfully, and passionately. He has promised to love us always. God loves us with an unearthly and unfailing love. God wants His love to fill us completely leaving us with a love worth giving. I Corinthians 13 communicates this so clearly. I encourage you to read God’s words in this chapter. It is a wonderful chapter to use as a family devotion prompting discussion and reflection.

Amazing LOVE, how can it be! Take time to revel in knowing that God’s love is unconditional. Take time to acknowledge that God’s love is so great He sacrificed His only Son to save us – it wasn’t nails that held Jesus to the cross but love. During this Lenten season, rejoice, celebrate and embrace the reality that God’s love is total, reaching every corner of our experience. Live in the overflow of God’s love and in return show that love to others.

Telling THE story of God’s love,

Mary Broene, Middle School Principal