January 22 Home Communicator – Someone said to me the other day, “So are you catching your breath a bit as we move into a more quiet time of the year?”  I smiled and said that we really don’t have those “slow times” any more!  For teachers and students, it’s that time block of the year when we really hope to see a significant amount of academic progress. As administrators, a lot of our attention turns toward the 2019-2020 school year.  Staffing, budgets, enrollment and classes are just a few things on the agenda as the calendar flips to a new year.

It is one of the busiest, but also one of the most exciting times for me personally.  Last week, I had the opportunity to show several new families around school; families who are considering making HCS their home next year.  Additionally, in just two days we welcome many children and parents to our elementary building as we have our Early Childhood Exploration Night, an evening that showcases our Early Childhood programs and officially signals the planning for next year.

One of the families I was showing around last week asked me what I liked best about Hudsonville Christian.  I struggled to answer, not because it was a difficult question, but because it’s hard to name just one thing.  After a pause, I told them I liked many things, but probably it was the sense of community or family we experience at Hudsonville Christian that I appreciate the most.  It truly is a partnership between staff, parents and students that makes the difference.

I often ask new families why they ended up checking out our school and typically I hear the answer, “Because we were talking with current parents at your school and they shared their thoughts about HCS.”  Thank you for your support, commitment and partnership with all of us at Hudsonville Christian.  We have often heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise children” … thanks for being a valuable part of that village as we seek to nurture and educate our children in Him every day.

Serving Him together,

Dan Pott, Superintendent