June 4 Home Communicator -Where does the time go?  How could it be that the current school year is almost over?  As I look back at this year and reflect, it strikes me that we have all been involved in Running A Race this year – students, teachers and parents – each in their own way.  It will be good, in some ways, to take a short break from school; the real race we have been talking about all year really never ends.

Summer time is a different time around school.  Most of my time is spent preparing for the upcoming year, but it is also a time to reflect on this past year.  Last Friday, I had the privilege of spending some time at the middle school, listening to the 8thgrade journey projects.  What a privilege it was for me to hear their stories about their own spiritual growth and what role Jesus Christ plays in their lives today. If you have the time, please consider joining us at the elementary school for our year-end worship time on Thursday at 10:00 AM.

I mention these activities to you because I want you to know we consider it a privilege to partner with you in the process of educating your children.  I often tell parents I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work in a community like Hudsonville Christian; not because we have it all figured out, but because there is a true sense of the word “Community” in Christian education.

Blessings to you on a wonderful summer and I look forward to partnering with you once again next fall.

Serving Him together,

Dan Pott, Superintendent