June 5 Home Communicator – The last two weeks are some of the best and toughest weeks of the year for teachers … and me, too. Sure, it is busy, but that really isn’t the reason; it’s because there is always the extreme mix of emotions.

Parents will often say, “Well, are things winding down?” To be truthful, these weeks are some of the most hectic and exciting times we have all year! Why so many different emotions? Well, just as it’s tough to say goodbye to a family, it’s very difficult to say goodbye to the children you entrusted to us back in August.

It’s not uncommon to hear a teacher comment that it’s not going to be the same next year; it’s just not the same for teachers when “their children” move on to someone else next fall. We do take it personally, but in a good way.

Tomorrow we will have graduation – or commencement exercises – for our 8th grade students and while we know they are ready to move on, we are honestly very sorry to see them go. Thank you, parents, for allowing us to work with your children for another year. It has been our privilege. And to Karen Karsten, Paul Erffmeyer, Tom VanderStelt and Mary Rusticus and our graduates, “May the Lord bless you and keep you.”

Serving Him together,

Dan Pott, Superintendent