March 12 Home Communicator– This week and last I have been leading staff through discussions and strategies on using examples in the classroom.  We have discussed how using examples helps students avoid many general misconceptions they begin with, and how they encourage students to produce high quality work.  Staff members brainstormed many examples that are being used in their classrooms, and we talked about some new possibilities as well.  As we continued to look into this part of instruction, it became very apparent that using examples in the classroom is vital for success in learning.

Through our discussions as a staff it became apparent that we need examples in our own lives as well.  I remember growing up trying to emulate older kids in my neighborhood: athletes, musicians, and even at times, as much as I didn’t want to admit it, my parents.  All of these people molded and shaped me and continue to shape me today.  One colleague brought up how talking about this topic reminded them of the example we have in Jesus Christ and His ministry.  What a perfect reminder for all of us!

It is humbling to be able to work at a place that has staff members, parents, and friends that collectively look and strive to follow Christ’s teachings.  I pray that you, as parents and community members of this school, see these teachings being lived out each day.  So in this time of Lent, I encourage you to look to the ultimate “Example” so that we can also be an example for others!

In Christ

Justin Knot, Director of Curriculum and Instruction