March 26 Home Communicator -Spring is in the air and at HCS, the students are excited! The excitement is also fueled by STEM week this week at the elementary school where students are participating in hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math projects every day!  It is so neat to see how God has equipped each child with a natural curiosity to explore His world through different lenses!

Of course, this week also brings the anticipation and excitement of spring break just around the corner. Whether going away or having a staycation, a break from routines and schedules can be refreshing. As I look forward to my own time with family next week, God spoke to me through a friend (fellow HCS parent), and I’d like to share it with you!  May next week not only be a welcome time to have some extra time with family and a break from schedules, but also an intentional time to sit in the presence of the King!

When was the last time you just sat before the throne and let Him love you. Poured yourself out to Him?

Intentionally spending time in HIS presence. Just breathing Him in.

Being still and honoring him with your time and worship?

Somehow this can get easily pushed to the back burner….maybe because it hard for us to be still,

hard to slow our minds to just be able to focus on Him.

He is waiting my friends….He wants to bless you.

To overflow you with His hope.

To fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him.

He loves you so deeply.

No amount of knowledge or information can ever replace the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and time just spend sitting at His feet!

Run to Him today friends-right now.


Sit at His feet.

Let Him pour His everlasting love over you and let His light penetrate every part of your being.

Be still.

Let Him love you as only He can.

He is waiting.                                                   

-Tammy Rapphun

Running the Race with you,

Rachel Landstra, Mission Advancement