May 15 Home Communicator – Dear Parents,

Those who were able to make it to the parade on Friday were treated to something quite special! The only thing better than watching the children and their excitement in the parade, was to be in school to “feel” the excitement in the air, and in the classrooms.

The parade, however, represented more than just excitement. It represented 100 years of God’s faithfulness to the Hudsonville Christian Community and beyond. To see the former teachers and administrators, as well as so many grandparents, parents, and former students was truly inspiring.

The biggest blessing on the day, however, may have been the day itself. As I woke up on Friday morning, I looked again at the forecast for the day. I was reminded of the day 5 years ago when we had our elementary playground build day. We arrived at school on that Saturday morning amidst heavy rain, lightning and thunder. As we gathered together to pray, one parent prayed specifically that the weather would improve and that the large crowd of parents that had assembled could get on with the day’s work. Soon after we prayed, we watched the storm move south and north and left a 6-hour window for us to work. As I spent time on the phone Friday morning with local meteorologists trying to determine if the “window” of clearing would coincide with our parade time, I thought about that day 5 years ago and I knew this was more about HIM than radar.

If you attended the parade, you know the rest of the story and the dry roads and conditions we walked in. When the parade was finished, the parent who had prayed 5 years ago at the beginning of our playground work day walked up to me with tears in her eyes and said, “Do you know what I was thinking about this morning?” Nothing needed to be said. We knew what had just happened once again – another example of God’s faithfulness…

Dan Pott, Superintendent