May 21 Home Communicator -My pastor preached on giving Sunday morning.  He mentioned that typically, the topic puts the pastor on shaky ground as some consider giving to be too personal of a topic.  But as he proceeded taking us through 2 Corinthians 9, he suggested that giving is not a personal, private topic, but rather it is a public reflection of a community’s heart condition.

Hudsonville Christian Community, your heart beats for the Lord and His work.  As a partner with you in advancing His kingdom through Christian Education at HCS, I cannot tell you how humbled I feel after my first year in Mission Advancement to be in a position to witness the Lord moving among this community through giving.  Generosity and cheerful giving characterizes this community and participation in what God is doing is met with enthusiasm and gratitude with no thought to personal gain or pubic recognition. It is a beautiful thing, and it is making an eternal impact.

Because of your heart condition, HCS Community, you are making it possible for our 1st grade children to learn about God’s Big Words such as Sacrifice, Truth, Perseverance, and Grace and Forgiveness and how to be more like Jesus.  Because of your generosity, you are helping our 5thgrade students participate in Grace Walk each year, walking their way through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and reflecting in journals about how His sacrifice changes everything. Because of your partnership, you are making it possible for our Middle School Student Leaders to pray their way through leadership decisions and carry them out the way our Savior did through service and sacrifice.    Because of your faithfulness, you are making room for families who could otherwise not be here if it wasn’t through your gift to tuition assistance.

Please join me this week in celebrating the many many ways God is working through the heart condition of the HCS Community by reading through 2 Corinthians 9.  It begins with how I will end this note to you, “There is no need for me to write to you about [the generosity of] the Lord’s people. For I know your eagerness to help…”

Running the Race with you,

Rachel Landstra, Mission Advancement