May 7 Home Communicator– This year the staff has been able to engage in valuable professional development throughout the year.  This time together was valuable for many different reasons.  First, it allowed staff a common time to come together, learn, work together on developing best practices in their classrooms.  In a profession where you spend more time isolated from colleagues than working with them this was valuable to build concepts, ideas, and skills to use in the classroom.  Second, it will provide some consistency in developing a learning focus in our elementary and middle school.  One of our goals this year has been to provide a more detailed focus on assessment.   Through our work together we are consistently able to assess each of our students and meet them where they are at in instruction.  These individual skills will be reported on a consistent basis through report cards and in conferences; with the hope of continuing to provide a strong partnership with you the parent/guardian.  With all of this work to provide a more detailed learning environment in our school, it will also allow us to focus our communication through comments, emails, and face-to-face interaction on faith development and nurturing.

I encourage you to talk about these things at conferences, ask your kids what they learned that day, talk about how the teacher is getting student information/data, and many more.  Thank you for partnering with us in providing opportunities to challenge students’ minds and lives for Christ!

In Christ,

Justin Knot, Director of Curriculum and Instruction