Dear Parents,

I am humbled to be the principal of the middle school and am excited to be a small part of the Hudsonville Christian story. For over 100 years, the mission of HCS has been to integrate faith and learning. Students will be able to discover who they are and how they relate to the world around them under the guidance of skilled Christian educators. Whether attending a class during the school day, or joining an extra-curricular activity, we pray that our students are not only academically successful but mature in their faith, character, leadership and service.

After teaching in a Christian school for 16 years, I have grown to appreciate the importance of Christian schools and the impact they have on students and families. Families are making a significant investment in their child and they trust HCMS to partner with them in their education. This trust cannot be taken lightly and we are privileged to take on this partnership.

Christian education plays a pivotal role helping students root their life in Christ. Similar to a gardener, our job is to plant the seed in fertile soil and offer it sun and water. While the outcome might not immediately be seen, we are preparing for the plant to one day sprout. That is what makes Christian education unique. Rooted in the Word, we are challenging their minds and lives so they might produce fruit.

Simply stated, Hudsonville Christian Middle School desires that our students grow in their love for the Lord and love for others. If you might be interested in exploring Hudsonville Christian Middle school, please reach out via phone or email. We look forward to working alongside families in this journey of faith.

In Christ,

Chris Achterhof, Middle School Principal