¡La Clase de Español 6th – 8th Grade!
We are very excited to offer Spanish at Hudsonville Christian School for grades Young 5’s – 8th grade! Our desire is for students to grow in their relationship with God. Learning a language is one way to see the work of God’s hands. Students will be challenged to learn the Spanish language and culture. In return, they will find out more about the world God created.

Middle school Spanish is here!  What a better time for our students to learn Spanish than in the growing and diverse Hispanic culture God has blessed us with.

In middle school Spanish classes students will acquire:

  • Proper communication in real-life situations
  • Culture of Spanish-speaking countries and their role in God’s world
  • Impact of Latin culture and religion on the U.S.
  • The skills to read and write in Spanish
  • Preparation for high school and college level classes