November 21 Home Communicator – Celebrating Thanksgiving at our school with the students is very special and always a blessing. Many activities often lead up to Thanksgiving Day and will vary by year and by grade. Food collection drives are often a part of the days leading up to Thanksgiving at both the elementary and middle school buildings.

Last Friday, the elementary children celebrated Thanksgiving with a special chapel or worship time. It was great to see so many parents and grandparents join the time of celebration and reflection. If you have been around the elementary building at all in the last week, you may have noticed small triangles taped on walls, lockers, doors, and windows. These are a reminder of our Thanksgiving worship. This year we focused on three different perspectives on being thankful, which is the reason for the triangle:

  • Looking up and giving thanks for who He is
  • Looking out and giving thanks for His creation
  • Looking in and giving thanks for what He has done in our hearts

Each family has its own traditions and celebrates Thanksgiving in its own unique and special way. That is what makes it special. I encourage you to find a few moments to reflect with your children about the activities leading up to Thanksgiving Day at school and how they were meaningful to them.

What a blessing it is to be able to openly discuss and integrate Him into our discussions at these very special times of the year.

Serving Him Together,

Dan Pott, Superintendent