November 26 Home Communicator – When Dan Pott interviewed me for the position in Mission Advancement, the first questions he asked were, “Do you have a heart for the Mission?”  and “Are you really really good at thanking people?”  The role of Mission Advancement at HCS to Dan was not about Development and Dollars, but rather, it was about Testimony and Thankfulness—Testimony of what God was doing at HCS and Thankfulness to a community whose faithful generosity made the Christian education of this community’s children possible.  I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to live out his heart for the position of Mission Advancement today as I share with you the Testimony of God’s goodness and Thankfulness to the HCS community for the overwhelming generosity that gives witness to God moving among us.

God is at work at HCS!  Our building projects, most recently our Finishing Well Connector and bathroom campaign, have made room for so many more of God’s children to receive a Christ-centered education at Hudsonville Christian School.  Our classrooms are brimming with students learning about God’s love for them in all areas of education and not once have we had to say “there is no room for you.”  With nearly 1100 students this year, we testify to God’s goodness as He is at work in each heart that occupies our new connector learning space, the halls that now provide safe and weatherproof access to daily classes held in the West side of school, and the bathroom access that is now available to our upper elementary students. God is moving in the full halls and classrooms of Hudsonville Christian School!

Thank you, HCS Community, for so generously supporting our Finishing Well connector and bathroom project.  Because of your trust, generosity, and continued faithful support of the mission of Christian education at Hudsonville Christian, our Finishing Well connector and bathroom project was completed debt-free!  This would not have been possible without your support and we thank you for allowing the focus of this school to remain on advancing the Mission and welcoming All God’s Children to HCS.  I am honored to fulfill my dear friend’s hopes for Mission Advancement today by testifying of God’s goodness and conveying our thankfulness on behalf of everyone at Hudsonville Christian School.

Thank you for Being the Change,

Rachel Landstra, Mission Advancement