November 6 Home Communicator – Spiritual Emphasis Week in the Middle School

“Challenging Minds and Lives for Christ’ expresses our vision at HCS to pursue not only academic excellence but also to engage each child to discover his or her place in God’s Kingdom as a witness and servant of Christ in our global and diverse society. This work of nurturing faith is intentionally woven in all that we do at HCS.

One example of this is Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) at the middle school which is happening this week. This year’s SEW title is “Let’s Make a Deal” incorporating our school theme of running the race. The week is based on Hebrews 12:1 – “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witness, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.” This week, we’ll be looking at the temptations of Jesus to better understand the cost and appeal of not only the temptations Jesus faced, but also the temptations we face every day. The choices we make shape our identity and are shaped by it as well. We will focus on three questions this week:

  1. Where do I put my trust?
  2. What am I will to sacrifice to be who I want to be?
  3. Who am I willing to obey to get my identity?

Chuck Swanson, lead pastor at Solomon’s Porch Community Church, will be leading us this week. Chuck is also a member of the school board and parent to 6th grader CJ Swanson and 4th grader Andrew Swanson. We are so blessed to have him guide us through our teaching times this week!

Today – Tuesday, November 6 –  we tackled the question –  “Where do I place my trust?”.  In chapel we focused on the first temptation of Jesus. Satan tempts Jesus to turn stones into bread when Jesus has been fasting in the wilderness. He’s famished. Turning the loaves into bread would satisfy Jesus’s hunger but, in doing so, Jesus would be relying on His own power rather than God’s power to meet His needs. It’s a question of trust. Does Jesus trust God or will He go on His own? What about us? Where do we put our trust?

As an individual reflection, students were asked to construct a visual timeline of their life story thus far. On the timeline they were asked to include  5 – 10 pictures of events/experiences/people, etc. that have shaped or continue to shape who they are. Students were asked to bring home this timeline and discuss it with their parents. Praying this will open up a opportunity for great discussion.

We are so thankful to be able to spend time digging deeply into God’s Word and applying it to our lives and faith walk with Him. We covet your prayers now and throughout the rest of this school year. We are blessed by your partnership with us in all areas of your child’s education.

Running the race together,

Mary Broene, Middle School Principal

NOTE: There is a link on the HCS website where you can access the SEW chapels and a few of the other chapels throughout the school year – under Middle School – Chapel.