October 1 Home Communicator -Dear Parents,

We are off to a great start to the school year! Some of the many things we cover early on in the school year and then repeat regularly are Emergency Procedures or safety drills.  Last Thursday, we took time out of the day at the elementary building to review and practice the procedures.  Middle School has practiced these procedures as well.  Your children may have already come home and talked to you about this. While these drills can be a little scary, especially to the younger children, the goal is simple:  to keep the children safe.

This year, we added another piece to our safety procedures.  In the event that we need to actually leave either the elementary or middle school buildings for some reason, we have partnered with Hillcrest Church to use their facility – just a block away.  We are so grateful to Hillcrest for working with us on this important procedure.  In the event that either or both buildings need to evacuate to Hillcrest Church, it is important that you as parents follow these important guidelines:

  • If evacuation is necessary, parents will be informed by the Superintendent via text or email
  • All communication will come from the Superintendent to ensure the information you receive is accurate and protects the safety of the students and staff.
  • Do not call school or Hillcrest. Do not call or text your child – student cell phones will be turned off.
  • Resist getting information from the media or social media as this is often inaccurate or sensationalized.
  • Parents will be informed about the procedure on when and how to pick up your child at Hillcrest Church. Please do not come to the school or Hillcrest until you receive this information.

Please know that we take the safety of your children very seriously.  We have reviewed all of our procedures in collaboration with the Ottawa County Emergency Management Office and have reviewed this information and procedures with our staff and students. While we pray each day for the safety of our children, it is good to know we are prepared in the event an emergency situation were to occur.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to connect with an administrator.

Dan Pott, Superintendent