October 2 Home Communicator – Dear Parents,

I’ve completed 1 marathon.  A friend of mine encouraged me to join her in running the Bayshore marathon several years ago.  I remember on mile 21, after hours of putting one foot in front of another, seeing someone sitting along the course watching–with coffee and donut in hand–and that is when it hit me:  what on earth am I doing?  I could be him!  It was also mile 21 where my friend’s knee pain became almost unbearable.  It was our persistence in encouraging each other to put one foot in front of another, to fix our eyes on the goal instead of the donut or the injury, that helped us complete the race together and realize it was about the goal, and it was worth it.

I love how our children are learning similar lessons through our school theme this year: Running the Race.  In chapel and in classrooms I see and hear teachers and students demonstrate the race of faith as a marathon, a long journey in the same direction.  I see our children learning about encouraging each other on the journey, helping each other fix their eyes back on Jesus when their focus wanders to life’s problems, stopping to help someone up in love, laying things that weigh them down back at the cross.  Each of these choices lived with the grace of God for the glory of God are steps in the marathon that leave a legacy of Faith.

At our annual HCS Dinner November 5, the HCS community will have an opportunity to celebrate the journey of Faith and the legacy that is left through Christian Education. Proceeds from the Dinner join those gifted by faithful friends who have gone before in support of the HCS Foundation, a fund with the goal of impacting the races of those who come after through affordable tuition. Consider taking the step to attend.  It’ll be worth it.

Your running partner,

Rachel Landstra, Mission Advancement