October 3 Home Communicator –  This is such an exciting time of the year at HCS, with so many opportunities for our school community to come together. My prayer is that we can all come together to unite once again during this year’s Faith Campaign, which is currently underway at HCS.

I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting on the Faith Campaign, and I think it’s amazing that all those years ago, when the Faith Campaign was introduced, the decision was made to call it the FAITH Campaign. Faith is so foundational in the lives of us as followers of Christ, and I like to think about that in regards to our own Faith Campaign, which is also so foundational here at HCS! Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for, an assurance about what we do not see”. The starting point of faith is believing in God’s character…He is who He says. The end point is believing in God’s promises to us…He will do what He says. When we believe that God will fulfill His promises to us, even though we don’t see those promises manifesting yet, this is when we demonstrate true faith!

With the expansion of our facilities this past year, our building maintenance fund has been depleted, and we have many repairs and maintenance items coming up. Funds from the Faith Campaign are needed in order to maintain excellent facilities. In addition to our facility needs, we also are committed to making Christian education affordable for all our families.  A portion of the money raised in the Faith Campaign will go toward tuition assistance funds.  Last year we were able to offer tuition assistance to more than 80 families at HCS. What a blessing this is!  We are committed to partnering with parents to make tuition affordable, and the support of this campaign makes this partnering possible.

When you receive a call from our fundraising partner, J. Milito and Associates, we ask that you please consider a gift to the Faith Campaign. Let’s be united in this together…thru faith in our amazing God!

Joyfully serving Him with you…

Tami Herweyer, Director of Mission Advancement

If you would like to give an online gift to the Faith Campaign, please go to http://www.hudsonvillechristian.org/support/faith-campaign/

Also, in your Bible reading this week check out Hebrews 11 – it’s a pretty great read!