October 30 Home Communicator – Dear Hudsonville Christian Friends,

God is on the move at Hudsonville Christian!  As I walked the halls before break, I witnessed the entire 5thgrade singing and praising God at the top of their lungs, a loving teacher speaking life into one of God’s precious children in the hallway, nature-based preschoolers coming in from exploring God’s big world outside, secretaries lovingly bandaging up a knee injury from the playground.  It is such a privilege to see God at work at work each day through the Life giving words, actions, and instruction of teachers and staff!

From the position of Mission Advancement, I also have the privilege of seeing God at work through the HCS community!  We have stepped out once again in faith trusting that God would provide for tuition assistance and building maintenance needs with our annual Faith Campaign, and as gifts still continue to come in, we continue to see an amazing response and praise God for your generosity and support.  Also, next week Monday is our Annual HCS Education Foundation Dinner supporting the Hudsonville Christian School Education Foundation and again I praise God for how He has moved through the generosity of so many businesses and individuals sponsoring the dinner as well as the many who are attending to celebrate together the eternal value of Christian education.  Thank you, HCS community, for rejoicing with me in how He has been and continues to be so faithful as we partner together to “Run the Race!”.

Your Running Partner,

Rachel Landstra, Mission Advancement