October 8 Home Communicator –




1.     the quality of being faithful; fidelity.


loyalty, devotion, dedication, commitment, dependability, reliability, steadfastness

God has been teaching me a lot about faithfulness lately–what it means to be dedicated, committed, and steadfast in the Kingdom work that’s being done for His glory and how faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit in a believer’s life.  It’s such a blessing to be in the position of Mission Advancement as I get to see the fruit of faithfulness in this community in so many ways, most recently with our Faith Campaign.

Each year, we approach the HCS community with the opportunity to give of what God has given them to our annual Faith Campaign. Funds raised go toward helping maintain our property so that children can learn effectively and comfortably and toward helping every family who desires a Christian education for their children to partner with HCS through tuition assistance.  Each year, this community demonstrates that they are loyal, devoted, dedicated, committed, dependable, reliable, and steadfast in giving so that the work of the Lord might continue to go on at Hudsonville Christian without an increase to tuition and a burden to parents. You are faithful.

Thank you Hudsonville Christian community for Being the Change as you continue to support His work through your faithfulness to the mission of Christian Education.

Rachel Landstra, Mission Advancement