Building and Grounds

Are you good with carpentry, electrical, landscaping, painting, or plumbing? This is the volunteer spot for you! Volunteers assist with maintaining our school building and grounds, fair booth, or any other miscellaneous tasks needed by using their talents and abilities in these areas.


Assistant to the Building and Grounds Committee


This is the HCS security program for verifying absent students. Volunteers check voice messages left by parents on the Child Watch line and compare them with absences reported by teachers and then make phone calls to parents whose children are unaccounted for.


  • Child Watch Volunteer one morning per week (25 pts)
  • Child Watch Substitute as needed (5 pts)

Donut Sales (Middle School)

This is a fun opportunity to support your middle schooler and their friends! Volunteers are needed to lead (order and pick up donuts) as well as sell donuts on scheduled Friday mornings from 10:00- 10:30. There will be 3 teams of 6 people so you will end up participating in donut sales just 3-4 times throughout the school year.


  • Lead (15pts)
  • Friday Seller (5 pts)

Hot Lunch (Middle School)

Hudsonville Christian Middle School orders a hot lunch for students once per week. Leads decide the menu, order food, and organize the volunteers. Volunteers help organize and hand out hot lunch once per week, on Wednesdays, on a monthly basis.


  • Lead (25 pts)
  • Food Volunteer (10 pts) 
  • Substitute Volunteer (10 pts)
  • Pop Purchaser (10 pts)

Library Aide

Each week every class gets to visit the library. Volunteers are needed to check-in and check-out books, shelve books, assist students, and help with bulletin board displays weekly. Volunteers are selected by the Librarians. 


  • Library Aide (25 pts)

Math Pentathlon

This is an after school extra-curricular math program where kids learn and play math games. This program runs on Tuesdays from October- March ending with a Math Pentathlon game day! Division Leaders direct and teach Coaches various strategy games and together they provide encouragement to the students grades 1st-7th! Commitment includes being present for all weekly practices from October through March. 


  • Lead (25 pts)
  • Division Leader (25 pts)
  • Coach (25 pts)

Parent Teacher Conferences Childcare

As a courtesy to HCS families, child care is provided during Fall and Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences. Volunteers are needed to facilitate pre-planned games and activities in 2.5 hour shifts.


  • Conference Childcare (5 pts)

Parents’ Club Board

Joining the Parent’s Club Board is a great way to support the mission of HCS as well as our teachers and families! The Parent’s Club Board oversees over 40 club-sponsored school functions and their budgets as well as 400+ volunteers. Parents Club Board members are required to attend one monthly meeting typically held on Friday mornings as well as complete specific role tasks needed to support the school and teachers. Lead, Co-Lead and Vice-Lead oversee the activities of the Parent’s Club Board. Treasurers track and report on the budget. Secretaries are in charge of meeting minutes, volunteer sign-ups and points as well as special staff events. This volunteer opportunity has a 3-year commitment.


  • Chair (25 pts)
  • Co-Chair (25 pts)
  • Vice- Chair (25 pts)
  • Secretary (25 pts)
  • Treasurer (25 pts)

Playground Monitor

This is a great way to get to know your child’s friends! Spend a short time on the playground one day each week as students arrive before school or during a recess shift. Morning volunteers supervise students one day each week from 7:20- 7:50 am on the elementary playground. Recess playground monitors supervise from 9:30am- 10:10am or 11:30am-12:22pm either on the elementary playground or rotate through classrooms during indoor recess.


  • Before School Monitor, September-December, 1-day/week (25 pts)
  • Before School Monitor, January-June,1-day/week (25 pts)
  • Recess Monitor, September-December,1-day/week (25 pts)
  • Recess Monitor, January-June,1-day/week (25 pts)

Recycling Program

The school recycling program is a great way to help the environment and teach our students about caring for God’s good earth. The Lead for this new program will investigate and, with the help of the Parent’s Club Board, implement new procedures for recycling within our school building. The assistant will help to implement new procedures, ensure that necessary supplies are available and help with encouraging recycling at school events.


  • Lead (25 pts)
  • Co-Lead (25 pts)
  • Assistant (15 pts)

Room Parent

This is a great way to get involved in your child’s classroom! Room parent responsibilities include but are not limited to: organizing class parties, coordinating volunteers for the teacher, lunch duty during teacher appreciation week, and any additional needs the teacher may have. Room Parents are needed in Young 5’s through 8th grade and are selected by a lottery system in late August. To be considered, an application will be sent out in late May. 


  • Room Parent 6th thru 8th Grade (10 pts)
  • Room Parent Young 5s thru 5th Grade (15 pts)


This is an after school STEM program where students have the opportunity to create something tangible and make it perform the actions that they program it to do. This program takes place once per week from September- December. Lead volunteers are in charge of sign- ups, training coaches and creating a schedule. Coaches are needed to teach and monitor small groups of 3rd-5th grade students and to provide encouragement along the way.


  • Robotics Lead, 25 points
  • Tech Help, 25 points
  • Robotics Coaches, 25 points  

Running Club (Boys With A Goal | Girls With A Goal)

The HCS running club is for 4th and 5th grade students. Leads are needed to organize and run sign-ups and practices for the months of March and April as well as participate in a race at the end of the season. Leads are responsible for attending meetings as scheduled for the race selected for the end of the season.


  • Boys with a Goal Running Club Lead (25 pts)
  • Girls with a Goal Running Club Lead (25 pts)

School T-Shirts

Each student is given a themed school t-shirt toward the beginning of the school year. The Lead helps to design and order the shirts. Volunteers sort and distribute the shirts.


  • Sort & Distribute Volunteer (5 pts)


TRIP stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program. HCS participates with TRIP to offer more ways to help our families pay  for  tuition. Volunteers are needed with order processing,  order entry, picking  up  certificates  from merchants (Runners), stuffing certificates in envelopes, and making reminder calls. Besides Committee members, most volunteer shifts are approximately one hour  each,  recurring throughout the year.


  • Lead (25 pts)
  • Bookkeeper (25 pts)
  • Order Entry (25 pts) 
  • Order Entry Assistants (20 pts)
  • Reminder Caller (15 pts)
  • Scheduled Order Processor (15 pts)
  • Order Processor Substitute (5 pts)
  • Scheduler (15 pts)
  • Certificate Counter (20 pts)
  • On Demand Order Processor (15 pts)
  • Runner (15 pts)
  • Stuffer (15 pts)
  • Lead Stuffer (25 pts)

Teacher Aide

Do you have a love for helping our teachers? This is the volunteer position for you! Duties may include material preparation, putting up bulletin boards, working with students, and other items as designated by the teacher. Hours vary from 2-6 hours per week. Days and times are flexible. Not every teacher asks for an aide, volunteers are able to choose which teacher they’d like to assist when signing up.


  • Teacher Aide (25 pts)

Track Volunteer (Middle School)

This is an opportunity to help the HCMS track team by volunteering at practices and track meets in the Spring.


  • HCMS Track Meet Volunteer (5 pts)