Preschool (3 School, 4 School and 4 School Nature-Based) Family Kick-off

This is a fun social for Preschool families to get acquainted with the school and each other. It takes place at the beginning of the school year. Volunteers assist with games and food the evening of the event.


  • Activity/Food Station Attendant (5 pts)

Harvest Family Fun Event

This afternoon of fun for HCS families. The committee plans the event and volunteers are needed to help with games. This event takes place at the elementary school.


  • Committee (25 pts)
  • Game Volunteer (5 pts)

Grandparent’s Day (Bi-Annual Event)

This is a time for grandparents to spend a few hours with their grandchildren at school. Grand Parent’s Day takes place every other year and includes morning coffee, class tours, lunch, and a special chapel. This event takes place at both the middle school and the elementary school.


  • Coffee Server (5 pts)
  • Elementary Hostess (5 pts)
  • Elementary Parking Lot Help (5 pts)
  • Middle School Hostess (5 pts) 
  • Middle School Parking Lot Help (5 pts)

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

This event is held on a Saturday in March. Open for Boys and girls teams in 3rd – 8th grade. The goal of this fun event is to build community and reach out to the community around us.


  • Committee (25 pts)
  • Registration Table Volunteer (5 pts)
  • Concession Volunteer (5 pts)
  • Score Table Volunteer (5 pts)
  • Tournament Table Volunteer (5 pts)

Parent Child Social

This event is a special time for parents and children to enjoy an evening out together. It alternates between Mother/Son, Father/Daughter and Mother/Daughter, Father/Son. The type of event is determined by the committee. Volunteers are needed to set up the event, run activities and help with clean-up.


  • Committee (25 pts)
  • Father/Child Event Volunteer (5 pts)
  • Mother/Child Event Volunteer (5 pts)

Playground Visit Day

This event is a chance for both new and existing families to greet other students, teachers and parents before school starts. Volunteers are needed to assist in overseeing these playground meetings.


  • Playground Attendant (5 pts) 

Love Bazaar

The Love Bazaar provides elementary students an opportunity to do Christmas shopping for their families. The committee shops for items throughout the year, sets up and tears down the event as well as oversees the day of shopping. Volunteers are needed to assist children with shopping, wrap gifts, and work in the cashier area.


  • Committee (25 pts)
  • Cashier (5 pts)
  • Shopper Helper (5 pts)
  • Gift Wrapper (5 pts)