We’re here to help
Because this is such an important decision for your child, and one that you may not want to make alone, we will gladly make ourselves available for consultation. We have set 5 years old by September 1 as a general age guideline; however, as part of the process, we also provide a readiness screening for all incoming Kindergarten-age students.  Working with you, we will take into consideration your child’s age and what the results of the screening indicate about his or her developmental level to make a placement recommendation. Because you know your child the best, your intuition about placement will be the most important factor, once you understand the available options. Contact the Early Childhood Office at 669-7486 to request a readiness screening.

Young 5s Program
Hudsonville Christian School offers a Young 5s program for those students who can benefit from an extra year of growth and development before entering Kindergarten and who will benefit from a program that is more academically challenging than 4 School. Guided by the same standards and philosophy as all Hudsonville Christian School programs, our Young 5s is carefully designed to prepare each student for a successful experience during their K – 8 educational career.

Developmental Signs of Kindergarten Readiness

  • Listens to stories without interrupting.
  • Shows understanding of general times of day.
  • Cuts with scissors.
  • Begins to share with others.
  • Starts to follow rules.
  • Recognizes authority.
  • Manages bathroom needs independently.
  • Can buttons shirts, pants and coats and zip zippers.
  • Separates easily from parents.
  • Speaks understandably.
  • Talks in complete sentences of 5-6 words.
  • Can look at pictures and then tell stories.
  • Sorts similar objects by color, size, and shape.
  • Recognizes groups of 1-5 objects.
  • Writes name independently.
  • Letter name / sound awareness.
  • Hand preference / correct pencil grip.