Ms. Holli Lanser

Nature-Based 4 School Philosophy

Nature-Based 4 School embraces the philosophy of play-based learning, allowing children to learn by experiencing God’s world first hand. Nature-Based 4 School offers discovery-based learning through play, sensory, gross motor and fine motor activities and creative expression using the natural world as a catalyst for children’s growth and development.  Children build their knowledge through their direct experiences with nature, classroom materials and their relationships with peers and adults.

Nature-Based 4 School Goals

Spiritual Development:

  • Help children know they belong to God and are secure in His love and care
  • Help children experience awe and wonder about God and His work
  • Share Bible stories, songs and prayer

Academic Development:

  • Develop language and literature skills, including listening skills, sound and formation of alphabet letters, left to right progression and Spanish instruction.
  • Learn letters and sounds using Zoo-phonics
  • Develop math readiness skills, including basic shapes, patterns, counting concepts, basic colors and using manipulatives
  • Develop readiness skills, including days of the week, months of the year, weather, seasons, health, senses, personal information, hygiene and discovery of God’s world

Physical Development:

  • Develop fine motor skills, including folding and tearing paper, tracing, cutting with scissors, puzzles, toys, pencil and crayon grip and printing name and alphabet letters
  • Develop gross motor skills, including running, jumping, climbing, hopping, skipping, moving with music and posture and balance
  • Develop hand writing skills using Handwriting Without Tears

Social-Emotional Development:

  • Encourage children to be respectful and kind to others
  • Accept others as Jesus modeled
  • Develop healthy relationships with other children and adults
  • Encourage children to feel valued by God and gain an understanding that they are special children created in His image

What can you expect to see your child doing in Nature-Based 4 School:

  • Observe, wonder and explore God’s creation
  • Praise God with music
  • Grow in the knowledge of God through Bible stories outside, and Bible memory
  • Actively participate in prayer
  • Engage in learning centers
  • Develop writing skills by learning to write our names, letters, and numbers
  • Learn letter name and sounds
  • Develop fine motor skills through various hands-on activities
  • Increase vocabulary as well as receptive and expressive language
  • Sort, classify, match and create patterns
  • Enjoy activities that promote one-to-one correspondence, number recognition and counting
  • Engage in simple experiments and observation
  • Participate in art activities that foster imagination and experimentation
  • Develop independence and practice following multi-step directions
  • Participate in activities that promote building friendships, sharing, and taking turns
  • Use spatial skills and reasoning to experiment with various manipulatives
  • Explore God’s world in an open-ended format
  • Daily hike to explore the current theme

Admission Requirements

Hudsonville Christian School admits to its Nature-Based 4 School program any student who comes from a family who supports opportunities for a response to God’s Word and has reached the following milestones before the first day of school:

  • 4 years of age
  • toilet trained

For more Nature-Based 4 School enrollment information, please visit the Early Childhood Enrollment page.

Schedule Options

Hudsonville Christian Nature-Based 4 School  is offering several scheduling options.  A child may attend from 2 half days (minimum) up to 5 half days per week, Monday – Friday (AM) and Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday (PM)..  Once parents choose the schedule, the child attends  those set days. Choose the morning session (8:15 – 11:00 am) or the afternoon session (12:00 – 2:30 pm).  All schedule options are subject to sufficient enrollment.

Items to be provided by parents                         

  1. Waterproof rain boots
  2. Crocs – to be used indoors
  3. Oakiwear Suit – several options available for warm and cold weather.


Classroom Teacher:

Ms. Holli Lanser

Classroom Aides:

Mrs. Betsey Hart

Mrs. Missy VanBennekom

Early Childhood Director

Mrs. Julie Moes

Nature-Based 4 School Schedule

Lesson and Activity Sequence:

  • Outdoor play
  • Group Meeting, Devotions and Bible story
  • Excursion to “Beyond” in God’s world
  • Snack
  • Choice Time
  • Small Groups
  • Group Meeting and Closing