September 24 Home Communicator -In my travels to the other side of the state this summer, I met a third grader named Michael at his lemonade stand. He was selling lemonade to raise money for a program at his church where people who struggle financially can get reasonably priced Christmas gifts for their family members. A mystery donor had stepped up and offered to match Michael’s earnings up to $5,000. I found out later in the summer that, with the donor’s help, Michael had raised over $10,000 for his church! What an amazing and BIG way to Be the Change!

But we don’t always have to do BIG things to Be the Change in the spaces we occupy. In fact, sometimes the smallest, practically unnoticed acts can be pretty powerful.

One of the things I am loving in my new role as elementary principal is that I am able to spend time walking the halls and visiting classrooms. I’ve been able to witness kids and adults Being the Change at Hudsonville Christian and I wanted to share a list of some of the small ways God is working through the people at HCS:

  • Several staff members teamed up to clean the teachers’ lounge during the first week of school.
  • When a student was having a rough time in the classroom during inside recess, a classmate stepped up and said, “I’ll play with you!”
  • Several students have offered to help with the PE equipment while Mr. Los is recovering from ankle surgery and can’t get around as easily.
  • A staff member’s father came to tighten up the chairs in the teachers’ lounge so we can relax in safety.
  • When a 4thgrader was struggling on the playground, some 5thgraders came to cheer him up and even sent him a note of encouragement later.
  • Kind bus drivers have gone the extra mile (literally) to help kids who’ve missed a connection or to make sure that those who are riding are on the right bus.
  • An older student grabbed the hand of a crying kindergartener by the bus loop and said, “You ride my bus. I can help you!”

Perhaps there are things you can do today to Be the Change in someone’s life. With God guiding our actions, even the smallest things can be powerful!

Tricia Kiepert, Elementary Principal