September 25 Home Communicator – Dear Parents,

How many times have you heard, “If you don’t like the weather in Michigan, wait an hour and it will change”?  Last week was one of those times:   85 and hot on Thursday and by Friday night, a fall chill was in the air.    It’s so funny to listen to people sometimes as they grumble and complain about the weather.  When it’s hot, we want cooler; when it’s cold, we want warmer … too windy, too wet, too calm, too dry … I think God must look down upon us sometimes and just smile – or shake His head.

We all have challenging times in our lives and when those challenges come our way, it is so easy to complain.  One of the things I have experienced in the last year is to look for blessings even in the middle of difficulties.    Not every day is the same, and some are certainly better than others, but He does give us little joys even in the middle of tough days.

I still remember the song I sang as a child, many of you probably remember the words, “This is the day, this is the day, that the Lord hath made … let’s rejoice and be glad in it!”  These words are so often stated but I wonder sometimes if they really sink in. Teaching our children this skill of looking for the positive in things is so important, although not always easy. The environment and climate in which our children grow up makes such a difference in our children’s outlook on each day.  Together we can help all of our children, God’s children, see that each day is a gift from Him.

Serving Him together,

Dan Pott, Superintendent

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