September 26 Home Communicator – What a privilege it is to be able to be a part of everything that goes on at Hudsonville Christian.  Living out many roles such as student, teacher, curriculum director, and future parent here at HCS, I am reminded every day of how blessed we are to come to a place with so much history and tradition.

To Mrs. Kooistra, Mrs. Bruinsma, Mrs. Folkema, Mrs. Grimm/Kamps, Mr. Schnyders/Mrs. Vande Steeg, Mr. Erffmeyer, Mrs. Spotts, Mr. Ritsema, and Mr. Strabbing — thank you! Each one of you shared THE story through your story, and what a powerful testimony each of you gave me as a student.  Seeing how hard you all worked and cared for me as a student growing up at HCS, showing Christ’s love even when I probably didn’t always deserve it, what a story it is that I can now pass along to others.

To middle school staff, thank you for being a large piece in continuing to shape, mold, and create my story.  You prayed with me, laughed with me, and cried with me, and each and every step of the way you too showed Christ’s love to me.  Students, you are a large part of my story and there are some great stories to tell! Parents, working with you, and seeing the love and desire you have for your children to know THE story is an amazing testament that I was glad to be a part of. Thank you!

Now, each night I look at my son as he falls asleep and I smile and think about how he will be able to tell THE story in his lifetime as well. There are so many pieces that will fit together to make that story.  So I encourage you this day, week, and month wherever you may be or whomever you are with, to continue to tell THE story!

In Christ,

Justin Knot, Director of Curriculum and Instruction