Proverbs 3:5 - 6

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.”

Mr. Aric Spotts

Professional Biography

My name is Aric Spotts and I am excited to be teaching 2nd grade at Hudsonville Christian. I received a Bachelor of Science degree at Grand Valley State University. I double majored in Integrated Science and Education and am certified to teach elementary education. Having taught in a variety of different educational settings, I have noticed that all kids bring joy.

Personal Biography

I attended Hudsonville Christian School in K through 5th grade. In middle school we moved to Hamilton, where I finished the rest of my education, graduating in 2010. I thoroughly enjoyed attending Grand Valley State, filling my time with being a Young Life Leader and participating in intramural sports. I love my family more than anything. Both of my parents are teachers, while my sister is working towards becoming a physician.

Philosophical Biography

God is my father, provider, and rock and I know that He loves me dearly. God has gifted me to connect with kids and form relationships. God made every child unique and special. My goal is to encourage all students in my classroom to realize their strengths and work to improve their weaknesses. In addition, I hope to create a classroom community that utilizes all of our gifts to create a safe and positive place to learn and grow.

As a teacher, I think it is necessary to make a classroom engaging and interesting to help all students to be excited about learning and growing. Creativity and hard work should be cornerstones of a successful classroom. With that said, every student is different. Not every student will receive the same instruction, but each student will receive the instruction that is best for him. We will all grow together.

God knows my students best. He knows what they need and will show himself to each and every child in my classroom. I hope to help all of my students hear what the Lord is saying to them, and in turn, create their own personal relationship with our Savior. This is my most important goal of every school year. With God’s help, I will do my very best to provide my students with everything they need to find success in their academic, social, and spiritual lives.