Mr. Mark Randall

Professional Biography

I am passionate about the Arts. I have an Art education degree from Calvin College, as well as a teaching certification from the state of Michigan. This will be my third year at Hudsonville Christian school. I spend my summers working with middle school students for the Saugatuck Center of the Arts growing young artists program.

Personal Biography

In my free time I love creating new art through a wide range of mediums including drawing, ceramics and photography. I also enjoy camping, backpacking, and visiting art museums.

Philosophical Biography

As a Christian, I believe each person has intrinsic worth that comes from being handcrafted in God’s image. I believe each person, because of their identity in Christ, has a voice that needs to be heard. As a teacher, I strive to nurture my students, listen carefully to them, and guide them along the path God has placed before them.

Through my teaching, I desire for my students to grow in their artistic abilities as well as learn to create meaningful art. It is my mission to foster a positive, safe learning environment that praises risk-taking and views failure as a means to success. I view creating art as a way for students to express themselves that is different and unique from any other subject area. For me, art is not an extracurricular activity but rather an integral part of a well-rounded education. I am dedicated to providing students with an engaging, meaningful and fun art experience that helps them grow as an individual as well as in their faith.