Mrs. Chris Casemier

Professional Biography

I graduated from Calvin Christian and Calvin College where I majored in Education with minors in Mathematics and English. I taught eighth grade Mathematics at Timothy Christian in Elmhurst, Illinois for nine years. During that time, I obtained my Master’s degree in Education and Leadership from Saint Xavier University. After having our first daughter, my husband and I decided it was time to return to West Michigan. I took several years off of teaching but eventually returned with some wonderful opportunities here at Hudsonville Christian. I am currently assisting with Kindergarten STEM and other mathematics enrichment opportunities.

Personal Biography

I can truly see God’s personal hand weaving his plan for my husband Jeff and me. We currently live in Jamestown Township and throughout our lives we have seen the ways he has lead us to each new opportunity with intent and purpose. From high school until now, there have been clear points that illustrate how he sees our needs and provides faithfully. We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Elena and Jae. Our family enjoys sunny weekends at Sandy Pines, watching soccer games, and playing music. I also enjoy golfing when I get the opportunity.

Philosophical Biography

It is very clear that God gifted us with minds that are capable of changing and growing. It is also clear that he created us to be in community with one another.

It is so important within education that we pair these two things together thoughtfully and intentionally. I have the awesome privilege of guiding young students as they problem solve within their kindergarten community. STEM encourages creative thinking, cooperative learning, and most importantly that we do not always have the answers. That failure is NOT a horrible scary thing, but instead an opportunity to learn.

Teaching students how to think about problems, create ideas, and explore solutions within their community—this is STEM and this is the calling of Christian education! It is both humbling and exciting as well as extremely challenging.