Isaiah 1:17

“Learn to do right!  Seek justice, encourage the oppressed.”

Mrs. Jackie Sietsema

Professional Biography

My undergraduate work was completed at Calvin College. I have a Masters’ degree from Western Michigan University in Teaching in the Middle School. My teaching career began at Sylvan Christian School (currently Grand Rapids Christian Middle School) where I taught seventh grade for four years. After being home with my children when they were young, I reentered the teaching field at Hudsonville Christian Middle School in 1997. I have taught seventh, eighth, and most recently sixth grade at HCMS.

Personal Biography

My husband, Jeff, and I have been married over 30 years and have two children in their “young adult years”. We live in West Olive in a log cabin on five wooded acres.  It has a great front porch with a perfect spot for reading.  It is also located close to Lake Michigan which we enjoy visiting.  We attend Hager Park Reformed Church where I am involved in the prayer and deacon ministries.

Philosophical Biography

Why do I teach in a middle school? I love middle school kids! I love their energy and their enthusiasm. They are so excited to learn and experience new things—especially sixth graders.  There is never a boring moment while teaching middle school!

Why do I teach in a Christian school? It’s what I feel called by God to do. I consider it a privilege to partner with parents and churches in raising up the next generation of Christian leaders. The students sitting in my class will be the future Christian doctors, nurses, teachers, pastors, deacons, cadet leaders, parents . . . That’s both a daunting and exciting thing to think about. I take the part I have in their education very seriously. I want to be prepared each day to help each child learn new things, and more importantly I want to help each child learn about his or her place in God’s story. I can’t do this alone; I rely totally on God’s strength and power each day.

Two of my favorite verses are Psalm 82:3 “Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.” and Isaiah 1:17 “Learn to do right!  Seek justice, encourage the oppressed.”  As a Christian, I strive to live out these verses, and I want to help my students live out these verses as well.  In my classes I educate my students about how God has richly blessed them.  I challenge them to become seekers of justice by becoming aware of and meeting the needs of the oppressed. I also work hard to develop a sense of Christian community in my classroom, so each child can feel comfortable being the unique child that God has made him or her to be.  I truly feel blessed to be able to serve at HCMS.  It’s a wonderful place!